CycleLogic provides precision-focused brand building and strategic distribution for brands
looking to transition into the North American marketplace.

Marketing & Branding

Our focused Marketing and Branding strategies quickly generate reach and consumer acceptibility through the use of our established relationships with Media, Dealers, US Events, Athletes, and vetted industry leaders.  

Brand Representation

Our level of product and event representation is unmatched- We personally represent on your brand's behalf and as your brand. In the background, we manage the logistics, labor, and presence at events and in campaigns.

Rider Testing and Sponsorships

CycleLogic's relationship with quality athletes provides professional and JR level USA testers for Research & Development and Product Testing/Feedback.

Sponsored Riders will represent and promote your brand during races, events, and shows with brand/product logo’s on team gear.

Distribution Services

With Bikefettish, our distribution arm, we are a precision-based distributor that is highly focused on forming solid,
long-term relationships with key dealers nationwide. These developed relationships enhance brands
transitioning into the US market, carrying a high-end reputation and generating effective sales.

Distribution & Dealer Sales

Our Bikefettish distribution channel allows new brands joining our portfolio fast access to a highly focused network of dealers, who immediately provide consumer sales, and also begin the task of generating sales data for presenting to larger distributors when the time is correct.

Warehousing & Inventory

We can arrange or provide warehouse space for product sent to the USA for inventory, samples, and consignment, as well as warranty repair products.

Customer Service, Warranty & Repair

We provide customer service and warranty & repair to North America dealers and consumers via phone and email, allowing your brand and products to be properly represented in the USA market.



About us

Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our customer brands,
to represent and be recognized as a company that only carries the very best brands.

CycleLogic and Bikefettish are successful with our customer's brands primarily because we do not over extend our ability to focus on the brands we represent. Also, we do not represent brands that compete with each other, as this would create a conflict of interest to our customers. We have various options available to customers that are looking to become a successful brand and financially profitable in the US Market.

Our formula is based on established relationships in the industry with partners such as Dealers, Media, Athletes, and vetted long term industry relationships in the US. We research and focus on consumer spends and market trends that allow for us to focus on a specific market for our customer's goals and their expectations.

Our selection process of brands is strategically researched and measured based on the potential success the brand will have in the US. We focus on brands “we know” will be successful, and also brands that will enhance our current portfolio of customers. The brands that we select are generally matured, already successful in other markets, and are looking to expand into other markets.



The Directors

25 years of combined bicycle industry experience.


Jake Scott

Managing Partner

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Hector Martinez

Managing Partner

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